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Let us tell you a few things about The Honorable Silis Muhammad. ---His name is Silis--- He is the Leader Teacher and Guide of the Lost Found Nation of Islam/Afrodescendant Government. In as much as He is the present day Leader of the Lost Found Nation of Islam, one of the very first things to understand is that He is not a "return" of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, nor is He doing anything of that which was done by the Last Messenger, or that which he was prophesied. To the contrary, the work of the Last Messenger of Allah is done and complete. Many have misunderstood this about Silis Muhammad, for various reasons, and yet unfortunately, we find ourselves having to still reinerate it over again.

The book "Here Silis" which is still available, in it Mr. Muhammad seeks to explain His work, His mission, and how it all came about after the "fall" of the Lost Found Nation of Islam, after the death of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, the Last and Greatest Messenger of Allah, in 1975. Silis became of follower of the Messenger, around 1960 in Los Angles. One of His first loves were selling Muhammad Speaks newspapers, and in this way He could get the Messenger's teachings right into the hands of Black people. He quickly rose to become tops in the sales of Muhammad Speaks, and shortly thereafter was appointed West Coast Captain of distribution of Muhammad Speaks, by the Messenger. His performance lead to Him being invited to Chicago by Messenger Muhammad, where He lived on the home of Messenger Muhammad for about 4 months as He settled in and where he took on the role of business manager over the personal bakeries of the Messenger.

Naturally, this brought Silis in closer contact with the Messenger, living in His home during this period and having to report to Him, on a daily basis. These experiences allows you to understand the familiarity that existed between the two. From time to time, Messenger Muhammad would say to Silis, that he was "like him." It is reasoned that any follower of the Messenger being told that would more likely be perplexed in understanding "how so" yet feel a sense of especialness at the same time. "You are more like me, then any of my sons" said Messenger Elijah Muhamamd. Later on in 1966, Silis was asked to become a "part" of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad's family at which time the Messenger "gave him" the name of "Muhammad" in the presence of His oldest son Emmanual. This is all history now and is cited so you can understand, what "compelled" Silis Muhammad to stand up and challenge the leadership of Imam Wallace Muhammad, offering Himself in defense of Messenger Elijah Muhammad, the God, Allah, he represented to us and the crest fallen believer's, in August of 1977.

Although, many hesitate and have reject Him, the truth is it was he, Silis Muhammad who restored the Lost Found Nation of Islam to its original path upon which Messenger Elijah Muhammad sat us, thus causing the rise of the 2nd resurrection of the people. Thus He, Silis, is the "First" to rise in the 2nd resurrection, as was foretold by Messenger Elijah Muhammad to occur. More on this will be forthcoming at a later time.

Upcoming "In the News" section you will find special written articles and messages from the broader "voices" throughout the Afrodescendant Community.

In the News

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